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Nyd oes wlad yn holl Gred o gymaint o dir a chymaint o saint ynddei ag oedd gynt ymhlith Cymbry

There is not a land of like size in all Christendom with so many saints in it as were of old among Welshmen

Seintiau is a site dedicated to research on the saints of Wales. The Cult of Saints in Wales project will publish a digital edition of some 100 medieval Welsh-language texts about saints. Many of these texts have never been edited before, while those editions that do exist are widely scattered and of very variable quality. Our work will provide reliable modern texts with detailed notes and English translations, making a discrete Welsh hagiographical tradition available for study both inside and outside Wales. The website will also host a compendium of information on the saints and their traditions.

Forthcoming events

St Winifrede & Holywell (Holywell, 25 June 2016)